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Patient survey and results

Results from the Patient Survey 2020: 

  • 54% of patients found receptionists at the practe ‘very helpful’.
  • 80% of patients said that the practice is open at convenient times.
  • 80% of patients were happy with the appointment they were offered.
  • 80% of patients thought the practice adhered well to Covid-19 safety measures.
  • 62% of patients would ‘definitely’ recommend the practice to some who had just moved to the area.

You said we did:

1.You said: “I have experienced problems accessing the most appropriate type of appointment”

We did:

We will always try to accommodate your specified type of appointment such as face to face or video where it is appropriately triaged. When choosing your preferred method of communication via askmygp, we will do our best to cater the type of appointment you require. We will update patients via social media channels on the types of appointments we offer to patients at this time.

2.  You said: “the pre-recorded telephone message is too lengthy.”

We did: 

We will contact the telecoms helpdesk to find out when the covid messages will be amended and to get advice on having options set for diverting calls including to our other surgery location

3. You said: “I’m having trouble ordering my medication”

We did:

In March the practice agreed to do a campaign on promoting the NHS APP. During the month of April, 100 extra patients signed up to the app. There has been an increase of 1.68% between December 2020 to April 2021 which is approximately 278 patients. We will continue to promote this by showing you how to use the NHS app through guided leaflets and videos. Keep an eye out on our social media for tutorials.

Twitter: @NTU_Health.

Facebook: Radford Medical Practice and Student Health Centre

Instagram: ntustudenthealthcentre

We have a designated NHS App champion who can talk you through setting up your account.

Results from the Patient Survey 2020: 

Our Patient Survey results from February 2020 included some very positive feedback. Here are some of our results:

Radford Medical Practice:

  • 72% of patients found receptionists at the practice ‘very helpful’.
  • 83% of patients agreed that the practice is open at convenient times.
  • 87% of patients were happy with the type of appointments available to them.
  • 72% of patients had complete confidence and trust in the last clinician they spoke to at the surgery.
  • 73% of patients felt involved in their own care.

“All receptionists are very helpful and nothing is too much.” 

“Receptionists are very competent.”

“I’ve always been treated nicely!” 

You Said We Did: 

  1. You said- – “In cases of urgency, same day appointments should be offered.”

We did We will ensure our website is up to date with ways to obtain an emergency appointment and the services patients can access outside of our opening times.

  1.  You said- “it would be useful to have a feedback box where people can express their opinions anytime.”

We did –Patients can give their feedback via our website or through the Friends and Family text messaging service. We welcome any patients join our Patient Participation Group which you can do in surgery or via our website.

Student Health Centre: 

  • 87% agreed that the practice is open at convenient times.
  • 76% of patients were happy with the type of appointment available to them.

“This surgery outperforms by miles my one at home – it’s a lot more efficient, has friendly receptionists and shorter waiting times.” 

“Quick and easy to make an appointment. Text reminders are good!” 

“Accessible health care for students – quick, friendly and made to feel very comfortable.” 

You Said We Did:

  1. You said – “The surgery should offer online consultations’’

We did – We are looking into a new online triaging system which will enable patients and clinicians to communicate via messaging, telephone and video consultations.

  1. You said – “Practice information should be more relevant to my gender identity.

We did – We are updating the patient survey form to be more inclusive for our 2021 survey. We will also be updating our website, leaflets, and health promotion boards. We are also creating a Gender Incongruence leaflet .

  1. You said – “The practice could make improvement in providing information on sexual health services’’.

We did – We will create a list of useful places that patients can access. This will be accessible on our website, waiting room, health promotion screen and via social media. We also plan to create an Instagram account to update patients regularly on different types of services and health campaigns.

National Survey 2020: 

You can view our results here. It also shows that we scored higher than the CCG average in every question, so we would like to say a big thank you to patients who took part and for all the feedback. We will be working on improving our service in accordance with your suggestions!