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Appointments Advice

We use a system called askmyGP which is an easy and fast way to ask for any kind of help from the practice. We respond during working hours Monday to ... [continue] Appointments Advice

Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

What is cervical screening? Cervical screening is a free health test on the NHS that helps to prevent cervical cancer by checking for a virus named HPV. It also tests ... [continue] Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

Community services

There is a wealth of information and resources available online and within the community. Please see our list below. Community services Base51 Counselling Service: The Base 51 Counselling service offers ... [continue] Community services

Domestic Abuse Support

Find out how to get help if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse. People/ Places  you can call:  In an emergency, call 999. If you ... [continue] Domestic Abuse Support

GP+ Extended Access Appointments

All patients registered at practices in Nottingham city can access additional routine appointments at evenings and weekends through our GP+ Nottingham City service. The service offers appointments with GPs, practice ... [continue] GP+ Extended Access Appointments

Health services available to NTU students

NTU students can find help, information and resources online and within the community. Please see our list below.

NHS Health Information

There is plenty of information to help you manage your health on the NHS website. These buttons will take you to different sections of NHS and you can look up ... [continue] NHS Health Information

Repeat Prescriptions

There are several ways to order your repeat prescription, please note that you can only request medicines that your doctor as advised you to take on a regular basis. If ... [continue] Repeat Prescriptions

Self Care

Did you know that 10 of the most minor ailments seen by GPs can also be treated by you at home? By treating yourself at home you could save a ... [continue] Self Care

Sexual Health Drop In

* The Student Health Centre is not currently offering the Sexual Health drop-in service in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus. We will inform patients once this service commences ... [continue] Sexual Health Drop In

Support Services Leaflets

Support Services Leaflets: The following leaflets include useful services for patients to self-refer to. Services include support on eating disorders, suicidal feelings, depression and anxiety, sexual health, as well as ... [continue] Support Services Leaflets

Your Health, Your Way

View the Your Health Your Way newsletter here! Your Health Your Way is a free service available to Nottinghamshire residents. It is a self referral service that offers referrals for ... [continue] Your Health, Your Way