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University Medical Note/NEC

*Due to the high patient demand as a result of the extreme pressures on the NHS, this may result in longer waiting times for completion of University Medical Notes*

GP Medical Note or Self Certification

We will only provide a GP medical note (if appropriate) for an illness over 7 days & if you have been seen by medical/nursing staff whilst unwell. Please see the NTU guidance on NEC’s for more details and examples: NTU Note of Extenuating Circumstance

If you are unwell for less than 7 days and have not been able to attend exams or assessments, you can submit an NTU Self Certification form to your university here: NTU Self Certification Form

If your lecturer requires more information regarding your illness, they need to contact us directly by email with signed written consent to release the appropriate information on nnicb-nn.c84117@nhs.net.

GP Medical Notes (NEC’s) 

If you require a University Medical Note please complete the request form at the bottom of this page.

There is a minimum fee of £20 for this service, and letters will be completed within 14 working days (non-negotiable). Payment is required before the letter can be issued. Once payment has been received, letters will be completed within 14 days (non negotiable).  You must have been seen recently by a medical professional whilst unwell for a medical note to be completed.

The charges for such services are based on the time taken to do a review of your health record, current and past, and the administrative time in preparing the medical note. Do not leave requesting an NEC  until the last minute as we may not be able to complete your note in time. We are not compelled to complete any non-NHS work, but do so for the convenience of our patients but never to the detriment of our NHS duties, which always comes first.

DSA and Access Statement forms DO NOT fall under this category and are completed free of charge, if you are eligible. These forms will be completed within 21 days (non-negotiable). For completion of DSA forms or access statement please submit an admin request via the Patient Triage system on our homepage.

Other places you can get Medical Evidence:

· The NHS App

· University self-certification form

· Hospital/clinic letter provided by the hospital

· Letter provided by your counsellor/psychologist

· Crime report and number

· Documentary evidence from a court or solicitor

The GP will not provide a medical note for the following conditions/circumstances:

· Failure to read the exam timetable/assessment deadlines

· Exam stress/pressure

· Minor illnesses (e.g., coughs and colds etc.)

· Self-induced conditions (e.g., hangover)

· Personal disruptions (e.g., holidays)

· Accommodation/housing disturbances

University Medical Note Request Form

Please read and tick the statement below that best describes your request:(Required)
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Patient Disclaimer: Plead read & tick(Required)

Date published: 26th August, 2022
Date last updated: 7th July, 2023