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Sexual health survey

Have you needed to access sexual health support during the Covid-19 pandemic? Please let us know your thoughts on how we did so we can improve our services. During the pandemic ....
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Internal Sexual Health Services: 

We have some STI testing kits available in our doorway at the Student Health Centre. These test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.  If you’re a registered patient here, feel free to pick up a testing kit and use our toilets to carry out the test or take it away with you. Bring it back to recpetion once completed and we’ll send it off to the lab for testing. Get in contact with us within a week for the results.

External Sexual Health Services: 

SH:24: Working in partnership with the NHS, SH:24 is a website that provides STI testing, diagnosis and treatment, oral contraception, the morning after pill and specialist remote clinical support. Tests, kits and pills are delivered to you discreetly. They offer STI testing kits, contraceptive pills, emergency contraception, genital wart treatment and genital herpes treatment.

Victoria Health Centre – Offer a comprehensive contraception service including general advice, contraceptive pills, patches and the depot injection. They also offer the morning after pill , implant fitting and removal, the contraceptive coil and the ‘mirena’ coil. Please call them on 0115 962 7627.

The Health Shop– Offer non-invasive testing for sexually transmitted infections for people who don’t have any symptoms. They are a C-Card registration and pick-up point and offer HepB vaccinations, condoms, lube, gloves and dams, emergency contraception and pregnancy testing. Please call them on 0115 969 1300. The Health Shop also offer video consultations so please request this if it is a service you’d like to use when you contact them.