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Support Services Leaflets

Support Services Leaflets:

The following leaflets include useful services for patients to self-refer to. Services include support on eating disorders, suicidal feelings, depression and anxiety, sexual health, as well as transgender services.

Support services leaflet

Students- Feeling the Pressure?

Psychological Therapies Leaflet

Children’s Mental Health Leaflet



An updated message from Trent PTS (20.05.2020):

It’s perfectly normal if you’re feeling anxious or worried as an emotional reaction to the current situation. The good news is that Trent PTS offer a free wellbeing service and you can self-refer by visiting their website www.trentpts.co.uk. Our current wait time stands at 2 weeks. Minimum age is 18. There is no upper age cap.

A Message from Trent PTS: 

For those in need of emotional and psychological support at this difficult and challenging time, Trent PTS is continuing to provide a service for all patients registered with a Greater Nottingham GP. This is NHS funded.  If you would like psychological support anybody aged 18 years or over can self-refer. Please go to our website to complete a referral and we will be in contact to arrange your first appointment.

As we continue to accept new referrals we are now offering our services by phone, webcam, using online text-based therapies or through online support packages so as to maintain social distancing.

You can also call the telephone number below, to talk to a member of our team about the services we offer.


0115 896 2051