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This General Practice is research active!

This means we take part in medical research to help improve healthcare. Below are some of the current research we are taking part in:

  • NIHR Covid-19 Vaccine research: This research enables people to sign up to register their interest in taking part in vaccine trials for Covid-19. It’s available for anyone over the age of 18 and living in the UK. To register, fill in the forms available here. This link also provides more information about the research. You can also sign up to be contacted about coronavirus vaccine research conducted by NIHR here.

Past research/studies:

  •  Reboot Notts: This research consisted of appealing for people in Nottinghamshire who were experiencing stress or low mood to help them access online mental health tools. It included an online peer support website named ‘Big White Wall’ and the study was to assess whether it was more or less effective in helping people with depression and anxiety than the online information available from the NHS Moodzone website.
  • Heart Surgery Priority Setting Partnership: This research wanted people to participate in asking questions about heart surgery. This is so that they could research into the progression of modern medicine in order to benefit patients in the future.




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