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Access to Medical Records

*Please note due to an increased demand, the process of accessing your medical records may take longer than normal* 

Access to Medical Records Request Form


If you would like to gain access to your medical record, please see the form above. For access to GP consultations, immunisations or test results please tick ‘I am applying to access my full records online via NHS App‘. This will give you full access to your past and future GP records. For any other requests, please state if you want an electronic or paper copy and what is it you are requesting.

Part of the form needs to be completed by yourself, then return it to us via email for completion. The form will go to our member of staff who will be in contact with you regarding the request. We aim to deal with requests within 10 working days but in line with GDPR, requests will not take longer than 30 days to complete unless previously stated.

Patients can request access to their own medical record or request access to medical records on behalf of someone else. The request must be assessed by a clinician or a suitably trained member of staff beforehand.

There are different levels of access and this depends on decisions of the practice and the contents of the medical record. The time it takes for us to grant access depends on the complexity of the request. The only reason for access being denied would be due to considering the risk and the best interest of the patient.

Once you have filled in the form, please send it to our practice email address or alternatively, you can hand it in to our reception team. If you have requested your medical records to be emailed to you, we will send it via secure email and you will need to create a free Egress account to view the documents.

Practice email address: nnccg.c84117@nhs.net

How do I log in to the NHS App?

Your Data Matters to the NHS

Your health records contain a type of data called confidential patient information. This data can be used to help with research and planning.

You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. You can also make a choice for someone else like your children under the age of 13.

Your choice will only apply to the health and care system in England. This does not apply to health or care services accessed in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Find out how this data is used and how to opt out on the following link:

https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/ –

The opt out form is under the ‘make your choice’ tab. You can email this to our Practice website to inform us of your decision: nnccg.c84117@nhs.net