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NTU- Medical Letters and NECs 13.9.2024

GP Medical Note or Self Certification

We will only provide a GP medical note (if appropriate) for an illness over 7 days & if you have been seen by medical/nursing staff whilst unwell. Please see the NTU guidance on NEC’s for more details and examples: NTU Note of Extenuating Circumstance

If you are unwell for less than 7 days and have not been able to attend exams or assessments, you can submit an NTU Self Certification form to your university here: NTU Self Certification Form

If your lecturer requires more information regarding your illness, they need to contact us directly by email with signed written consent to release the appropriate information on nnicb-nn.c84117@nhs.net.


Please be advised the fee will be going up to £30 from 13.9.2024.

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Date published: 1st July, 2024
Date last updated: 1st July, 2024